Step 1: Accessing your unit

  • Connect your phone into the PHONE port of your Linksys ATA.
  • Dial **** then 110#, the SPA-3102 will announce the current IP address
  • Once you have the IP address of your SPA-3102 you can access the web interface by opening a web browser and typing the following in the Address: http:/ /< IP Address of SPA-3102> For example:

Step 2: Access LINE 1


  • Go to Voice > Admin Login > Advanced
  • Click the URL
  • If a username and password login appears enter username "admin", and your SIP password.
  • If you decide to lock down the user side of the SPA-3102, the username is "user"

Step 3: Proxy and Registration

  • Go to LINE 1
  • NAT Mapping Enable: yes
  • NAT Keep Alive Enable: yes
  • Go to the Proxy and registration heading
  • For SIP proxy enter:
  • OB Proxy:
  • Enter your Display Name: John Doe
  • For USER ID: enter your VoIP USER ID
  • For the password field, enter the SIP password which was given to you: ( i.e 8174dBGFs )
  • For AUTH ID: enter your VoIP USER ID and set to ENABLE



Step 4: Proxy and Registration

  • Change the preferred codec to G729a or G711a
  • Disable silent suppression and select low silence threshold for better quality calls
  • Copy and paste the following dial plan:


Step 5:

Go to SIP Page and you will see to settings please make them the same as below:

  • Handle VIA received: yes
  • Handle VIA rport: yes
  • Insert VIA received: yes
  • Insert VIA rport: yes
  • Substitute VIA Addr: yes
  • Send Resp To Src Port: yes
  • Use STUN: yes
  • STUN Server:
  • Submit all changes by clicking the submit button.


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