Once the application is installed and the computer has restarted, you will see the following dialogue in the system tray along with the AVG logo:

The AVG system tray icon indicates the current status of your AVG® software and displays informative pop–ups regarding the program, such as an automatic scan launching. You can use the icon as a shortcut to log into the AVG CloudCare portal. Other actions that can be performed using the icon's right–click menu are:

  • Open Local User Interface - opens AVG local client interface
  • Support Information -  displays partner's contact information for support
  • AVG Remote IT - opens the AVG Remote IT Console
  • AVG Online Backup - opens AVG Online Backup console
  • AVG CloudCare Web – opens the default browser to the AVG CloudCare login page
  • End User License Agreement – displays a copy of the AVG license agreement
  • About – displays the program name, version, and copyright information
  • Exit – closes the system tray icon

 The Exit option does not stop the service from running—it only removes the icon from the system tray. To add the icon back to the system tray, go to Start > Programs  > AVG CloudCare  > Show Tray Icon.