Online Backup Storage Applications

With so much of our daily lives going digital — everything from address books to photo albums and family videos — it is becoming easier to protect your memories from disasters such as fire and theft. While you can backup your computer with an external drive, how do you protect that backup from getting damaged in a house fire?

This is where Byte IT's Storage Hub backup solution comes into play: it is a small application that maintains a backup of your computer at our secure facility so that you can relax knowing that your backups are done regularly, and your data will be safe from incidents at home such as fire and theft

  • Take the security and privacy of your data very seriously.
  • Automatically backup your computer silently in the background to a schedule of your choice without you having to do anything
  • Unlike other online backup providers we don't limit the amount of files you can backup, enjoy the freedom of unlimited online backup
  • Our clever sync folder allows you to sync files between multiple computers automatically. No need for slow transfer of files between computers again

Prices start from as low as $10 per month with no contract.

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$100 per year

  • 512GB Storage
  • Up to 5 Computers

Business Plan 512GB

$20 per month ($200 per year)

  • 512GB Storage
  • Up to 20 Computers / Devices
  • Briefcase/Sync Folder 512GB

Business Plan 1TB

$40 per month ($400 per year)

  • 1TB Storage
  • Up to 50 Computers 
  • Briefcase/Sync Folder (1TB)

1 Month Trial using Home Plan 512GB